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A workplace that makes all the difference

At BarretteWood, you’ll get the chance to build the stimulating career you’ve always wanted in a rewarding environment. You’re in for more than just a stable, well-compensated job in wood processing in Saint-Jean-sur-Richelieu or Roberval. This is where you’ll be part of a friendly, motivated team that takes on new challenges every day.

  • Personalized support when you’re hired
  • A friendly team with room for everyone
  • A family atmosphere with help always at hand, regardless of hierarchy
  • A key role for everyone in the production chain

« Great job stability, a stimulating environment, and work that means action—this job has all the winning conditions! »

- Karl Girard, Surface Planer Adjuster

A manufacturing job that's far from routine!

At BarretteWood, every day is different. You’ll be working to manufacture a wide range of products made with reclaimed wood. No more routine! If you think you’d like to work with a variety of products, come and build you career with us!

Health and safety, the foundation of our priorities

Our team is focused on the well-being of every employee and makes no compromise when it comes to occupational health and safety (OHS). We believe OHS is a responsibility that everyone must share, whether at the office, in the factory, or in the lumber yard.

  • OHS supervision and training right from hiring
  • Safe equipment throughout the site
  • Unbeatable cleanliness and pleasant smelling factory
  • Safety accessories provided

« At BarretteWood, we optimize talent, not just wood fibre! We work with everyone's strengths: that’s why we see diversity as an asset. »

- Valérie Lavoie, Human Resources

Motivation and attitude above all

BarretteWood recognizes your desire to learn and excel. We work with you as a team to continuously develop your knowledge, hone your expertise and, above all, put your talents to good use. We adjust to who you are and what you bring to the table. If you resonate with our 10 principles, we want to meet you!

  • Every employee assigned a position based on their interests and physical ability
  • On-site training team
  • Continuous talent development for all

« The work itself can be learned. Being steadfast and dedicated to the task at hand —these are unique qualities. If you’ve got them, send us your resume and become another member of our great team! »

- Alain Cormier, Director, Human Resources

A job that matches your talents is waiting for you at BarretteWood.

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